Chapter Philanthropy & Service

In addition to national partners, collegiate chapters also support local causes through philanthropic fundraising and hands-on service on their campuses and in their local communities.

The members of Alpha Sigma Tau at the University of Northern Iowa have the unique opportunity to make important decisions about what community service and philanthropic initiatives they would like to support, falling under the umbrella of women's wellness. 

A few weeks after joining, members will have the chance to join the Philanthropy Committee, which will research opportunities to enhance women's wellness in the Cedar Falls community, and help the chapter decide what they would like to be involved with.



The mission of Alpha Sigma Tau is to invest in women by instilling the skills necessary to navigate life and inspire members to enrich their own lives and the lives of others. With this mission in mind, Alpha Sigma Tau is proud to partner with the National Wellness Institute to provide the women's wellness initiative. This initiative focuses on 6 dimensions of wellness: Emotional, Physical, Occupational, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual. The purpose of the women's wellness initiative is to enhance the wellness of Alpha Sigma Tau members in these areas, as well as, empower them to improve women's wellness in their communities through service projects and philanthropic efforts.

Our chapter has put on a variety of different philanthropic events to promote the Women’s Wellness Initiative while raising funds for our philanthropy. Some events our chapter has put on were a Self Defense class taught by our very own chapter advisor, Tater Taus which was a philanthropy dinner where our chapter had an all you can eat tater tot bar, a Yoga Night where one of our own members hosted multiple yoga sessions all night, and Pancakes and Pajamas which was another dinner our chapter hosted with all you can eat pancakes.

With the Women’s Wellness Initiative being such a broad philanthropy this allows Alpha Sigma Tau to impact women's wellness within local communities as well as globally. Alpha Sigma Tau has the independence to choose projects most relevant to them. So with that being said our chapter so far has chosen multiple different non-profits to donate our proceeds to that we received during the events I mentioned earlier. Alpha Sigma Tau has paired up with the House of Hope, located locally in the Waterloo area, which provides a home, a welcoming community and a chance for transformation for homeless, single mothers. Our chapter has also paired up with the local Riverview Center right here on campus, which offers sexual assault and domestic violence services. Then, our chapter recently paired up with Girls Inc. located in Sioux City, Iowa which focuses on the development of girls by supporting, mentoring, and guiding them in an affirming, pro-girl environment.

With having the ability to be flexible with our philanthropy, and choosing local non-profits our members are able to see hands on the difference they are making in the lives of these women and young girls. Representatives from all those non-profits I’ve listed above have been able to either come to our events or talk to our chapter one on one about their services, which has allowed our members to connect on a more personal level with our philanthropy. Connecting with these local services has provided our members with amazing volunteer opportunities and connections. After working with the House of Hope they reached out to our chapter with many different volunteer opportunities that our members have taken advantage of. Also, this past semester after working with Girls Inc. our Director of Philanthropy actually received a summer internship working with their program in Sioux City! Our chapter is not only providing for others within our community  but they are gaining personal experiences as well.